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Saltburn Valley Gardens Woodland Centre

The Woodland Centre can be found at the end of the Valley Gardens and acts as a link through to Rifts Wood.

Valley Gardens Woodland Centre

Based in the beautiful Valley Gardens, Saltburn Woodlands Centre is situated half way down the valley between the Victorian gardens and Riftswood. Towards the head of the valley the beck runs through a steep sided forested gorge which was gouged out by glaciations after the last ice age. Due to its inaccessibility this ancient woodland has had only light intervention. Below the Woodland Centre towards the sea the valley opens out into a flat flood plain and this area has been "managed" since Victorian times when Saltburn developed as a town and a seaside resort. There is evidence of human presence in the valley from Neolithic times onward. The Friends of the Valley Ltd are a group of people who share a commitment to our natural heritage and are working to conserve, enhance and encourage enjoyment of this beautiful area.
Friends of the Valley Ltd is a registered charity run by local volunteers who, as a group, have continued to contribute to the development and maintainance of the centre while providing a variety of experiences and activities to inspire children and adults to connect with the natural environment.
Lack of respect and care for wildlife among some sections of the public continues to be very disheartening. We have put a lot of effort into restoring the meadow by the viaduct and to walk down to the meadow on a weekend and find the car barrier posts removed and cars, tents and bonfires on the field is not acceptable. We want people to enjoy the countryside but it has to be done in a responsible and thoughtful way.
Please join our merry little band if you have any time on your hands. If you join the Task team you will get a sweatshirt, a badge and a pen. What is stopping you?
Lorna Moone
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Site Location:

Saltburn Valley Woodland Centre, Valley Gardens, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, TS12 1GG
NZ 666208. Access is off the A174 in Saltburn. Pedestrian access from Glenside and Albion Terrace.


There is limited disabled parking available near to the Woodland Centre. It is advisable to ring prior to using this parking facility. Public parking is available at Cat Nab car park at the sea front. Saltburn is connected to most local towns through the bus and train network.

Path surfaces and gradients:

Rifts Wood: the path surface is compacted earth and stone and is rough, wet and uneven in places. Gradients are steep. There are steps but these can be avoided.

Valley Gardens: most paths are surfaced with tarmac and although gradients vary there are some near level routes. Occasionally paths can flood.

Miniature Railway

please telephone 07813153975 for details or visit the website.

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